Anti-Obesity Mission statement:

  • Help you identify evidence-based underlying causes of Obesity.
  • Treat you Naturally with evidence-based remedies.
  • Accordingly our formulation ingredients will draw from the wisdom of 2 of the worlds most ancient systems of medicine being Chinese Medicine AND India’s Ayurvedic Medicine BUT HEAVILY WEIGHTED TOWARD MAINLY RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE-BASED INGREDIENTS.



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Aches, Pains & stiffness eased a lot in first 3 wks & sleeping better too.

Overall weight hasn’t changed much yet but my body composition scales says I have put on 3.6kg of muscle & lost 3.4kg of fat.
And the good thing is: It’s the dangerous Visceral (or organ) fat that is going first… Double Wuhoo.
Seems effortless so far!

Update: Things have moved on markedly esp. since you helped me identify I needed your Auto-immune capsules too!… Thanks a heap 🙂

K. R.
I just cannot believe how well I feel!
Already lost weight & its only been 4 days?
Wow. I cannot wait for more.
Will def. keep in touch here.
Thank you!

Quick update: Been a tad over 2 weeks now, lost 3kg(7lb) & still feel great.
For me at least, these capsules are a god-send. 🙂

Lisa E.

We have drawn on over 32 years of Naturopathic expertise to carefully select and craft our Evidence Herbal remedy for Obesity and Natural weight loss.

Evidence Herbals is packed full of all Natural Organic ingredients and based on profound scientific herbal and nutritional research coupled with the wisdom of 2 great ancient medicinal systems of the world.

Find out for yourself and discover the wonderful benefits of this marvellous herbal blend as our experts have.

Our Natural therapy research reveals that up to 3/4 of stubborn obesity, hormonal and aches & pains in the western world is caused by long term ill-effects: Heavy Metals, Sloth and diet, the Pill ill-effects, Hypothalamus weakness & Spinal injuries.

Amazing Benefits of this Stunning remedy are as follows:

  • Helps around 2/3 of Obesity all-on-its-own. With diet, it is approx. 90% effective.
  • Automatically Improves low Thyroid function
  • Massively Improves Menopause issues
  • Automatically Improves Cholesterol
  • Within weeks, improves Sleep Apnea
  • Improves Aches & Pains, Generalised Stiffness, Osteoporosis & also gradually improves Memory related illnesses too.
  • Newsflash: Although not designed specifically for Metabolic Syndrome or Insulin Resistance issues, this formulation have proved a very effective tool for this issue as well! AMAZING? Totally.
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